Eat out, eat smart. Make the most of restaurant and take-out choices.

Eating Out

Marketers encourage you to eat-on-the-go by producing food items they refer to as “hyperconvenience”, “portable comfort food” or “dashboard dining”. Any food that can be shaped or packaged to fit into a car cup holder or eaten utensil-less, straight from the package has a marketing advantage. Many of those currently available are high in sodium, … Read More

Chain restaurants like Cheesecake Factory, Burger King and Applebee’s are often blamed for serving too many calories in an average meal. Smaller independent restaurants, that make up better than 50% of all restaurants in the US, are not subjected to regulations that require posting calorie information. Researcher examined meals eaten at local, smaller restaurants – … Read More

Bet you didn’t know that too much take-out can be unhealthy. Meals prepared away from home are typically higher in calories, fat and sodium, and the portions are huge. Choose wisely and split an order. Save the leftovers for tomorrow. … Read More

Americans tend to eat alone, Europeans favor company. Almost half of us eat at least one meal a day alone and over one quarter of us eat while on route from place to place. … Read More

Travelers to Mexico know to stay away from unpurified water and unwashed and unpeeled fresh fruits and vegetables. But restaurant table-top sauces—guacamole, pico de gallo, and salsa—are often the culprits in traveler’s diarrhea. … Read More

Americans spend 45% of their food budget on away-from-home foods. Restaurants, take-out joints, high-calorie snacks and vending machines are all taking blame for America’s obesity epidemic. But is the food and restaurant industry the evil conspirator we are led to believe? Aren’t Americans, free to make choices, in part responsible for their fates—and weights? In … Read More

Most of us eat at our desks occasionally. We store lunch in the office fridge, reheat take-out in the communal microwave, get coffee from the pot. Isn’t eating in the office better than having a burger at the local greasy spoon? Maybe, maybe not. Ghosts of meals past and colonies of bacteria may be lurking … Read More

If you’re going out to eat tonight, don’t feel guilty, don’t give up, and don’t think your entire weight loss effort is about to go down the drain. Just plan. Weight management experts say eating out without overeating is a high level skill — it’s hard to do. But, it can be done. Eat a … Read More